The Electric Heaters

Who? Why? 

Matt Heaton & the Electric Heaters


There's a dark wave crashing over the breakers. Reverb dripping, drums pounding the shore…it's the  Electric Heaters!


The Heaters play Retro-sonic Surf Noir. Think James Bond, Pulp Fiction. Think dark, moody, and groovy instrumental music for the 21st Century. Led by guitarist Matt Heaton and his reverb drenched guitar twang, the Heaters mix familiar sounds with just the rich modern ingredients—like a perfect cocktail, their musical mixology goes down just right.


Expect whiffs of Morricone, the Raybeats, Booker T,  as well as the Atlantics and Link Wray.  Surf music for the cold north Atlantic, equal parts Dick Dale and Dennis Lehane. Third wave surf that hasn't forgotten the winter of 2015.


The Backstory

A long time ago, in a city far from any coast, a young Matt Heaton discovered reverb-drenched, guitar-heavy instrumental music from 1960s California. A Flexi record of New York's Raybeats (which Matt got with a copy of Guitar Player magazine) sealed his obsession.


His first amp was a Harmony Electric garage sale special. Even though it burst into flames one day in the garage, Matt kept his reverb dreams alive. Through a degree in classical guitar, a life in traditional Irish music, and a vibrant career of playing music for kids, Matt landed in Boston where he found co-conspirators to bring the Heaters from his head…. to tiki lounges and rockabilly bars in Boston and beyond,


The Band


With bass player Dave Piper and drummer Jared Seabrook, the band is a flexible, well oiled machine. The’ve played festivals like Viva East, clubs like TT the Bear’s and Johnny D’s (rip) as well as bars like TOAD and the Plough. Current residencies at Boston’s Shore Leave and Somerville’s Daddy Jones Bar have given fans a chance to enjoy the tunes while sipping craft cocktails. Surf’s up. And it’s not just for summer anymore.